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Hypothermal spring Il BagnoThe Parco Benestare offers visitors the chance to approach the spa waters in an original new way.

On one side, immersed in the lush greenery of the municipal park, is the spa building of Gambassi Terme, which is particularly valid in medical and scientific terms. The environmental setting in which this structure stands is extraordinary thanks to the ideal climatic conditions and its historical, artistic and natural heritage ( ).

The other side of the park is rich in fountains, springs and outcrops which are open to visitors and lie within a landscape which enhances their benefits.
This segment includes:

  • the source of 'salsa' mineral water of Pillo, which is used by the thermal spa, which flows in the stream Rio Sanguigno at the bottom of the valley at a temperature of 15°C.
    The waters which flow into this stream have all circulated underground for an extended period of time (over 50 years).
  • the Casciani stream which flows at the bottom of the valley and is characterised by gas emissions which reach their maximum level of concentration at the hyperthermal spring "Bollori" (23°C).
    This stream is surrounded by deposits of metallic oxides and sulphur in a colloidal state.
    Next to the stream, stands a characteristic old well, from which gases are given off at irregular times, together with tepid waters.
  • the mineral spring of Luiano is fed by very old waters which were renowned in the past for their medicinal properties: in the first half of the 1900s, these were in fact bottled and offered for sale.
  • the springs of Botro and Docce, collected by the old aqueduct, appear at the point in which ophiolitic rock of oceanic crust with different levels of fracturing meet.
  • the waters of the hypothermal spring 'Il Bagno', which were used in the past by the local population as a therapy against skin diseases, flow from Pliocenic deposits (at an approximate height of 230 m above sea level) and are rich in gas and calcium carbonate.

All these things allow visitors to enjoy the therapeutic and emotional benefits and to get to know the facilities offered by the spa of the park. An original new way to enjoy spa water, which becomes the leitmotiv of an adventure which allows visitors to experience the senses of the area.